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Marek combines both Eastern and Western healing approaches in his massage therapy.  Marek is a Deep Tissue specialist.  His style of massage and technique is based on Asian Restoration Therapy (ART).
It is an unique, 1500 years-old healing system, using a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach.  It utilizes therapeutic bodywork and energetic exchange to aid patients in “returning to normal.”
It is a combination of Japanese Acupressure techniques with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.
Trigger point and Acupressure techniques are used to get rid of pain or discomfort.  Body mobilization techniques are used to help joints with limited range of motion.  PNF stretch techniques help stubborn/short muscles to relax, increase flexibility, and improve the communication between muscles and nervous system helping muscles to work more efficiently.

Marek's style of massage is an excellent therapy for anyone needing relief from stress, as well as to help accelerate the healing process after injury.

The main goal of massage treatment is to restore the body and mind to a place of balance.

Different levels of depth used accordingly to the patient's body structure, age, and health conditions:

  • Light – given to a weak person and/or having serious injuries.
  • Moderate – for maintenance of an average individual.
  • Deeper – for maintenance of a strong individual.
  • Deepest – for therapeutic effect.


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